The global Covid-19 pandemic has made a new work culture quite prominent, i.e. work from home. While this was mainly the focus of freelancers, this has changed now. Almost every IT employee and even employees of other sectors have been forced to work from home. It is difficult to say whether this is benefiting the companies or not, employees surely need to pay more for data, especially those who do not want to go for broadband connections. Payment for these or a Vodafone postpaid recharge is just too easy on the Airtel Payments Bank platform. Let us take a glance at some work from home mobile plans.

Work from home plans from Jio

Jio has listed a few plans under the “Work from home” category. When the JIO recharge plans came out at the beginning of the pandemic, a lot more data was being offered by the telecom operator. Even the validity has been reduced. At present, the best plan is the Rs. 251 plan. This plan offers a validity of 30 days unlike the 28-day validity of the regular ones. The plan offers a total of 50GB of data. However, this plan does not offer any calling facility to the user. In order to continue calling facilities, the user needs to have some other regular pack.

There are two other plans from Jio too. The next plan costs Rs. 201. The validity of all these plans has been fixed at 30 days. However, this plan offers a total of 40 GB of data. If your data requirement is still lower, you can go for the Rs. 151 plan. This would offer you a total of 30 GB of data. The thing that is to be kept in mind is that these plans do not allow you to make calls or receive them. If you need that facility, you should recharge with another plan along with these.

However, you could always opt for the tried-and-tested Rs. 399 plan, offering 1.5 GB data every day for 56 days. Jio is also starting to offer Rs. 49 and Rs. 69 plans. Both these plans offer a validity of 14 days. The Rs. 49 plan will offer 2 GB of data with calling facilities limited to 250 minutes. The Rs. 69 plan will offer 7 GB of data, with a limit of 500 MB per day.

Work from home plans from Vodafone

Vodafone is offering double data on selected plans for a limited period. Earlier, the double data was being offered on 1.5 GB/day packs – Rs. 249 (28 days), Rs. 399 (56 days) and Rs. 398. Now, the double data offer has been switched to the 2GB/day packs. This would be useful for people who need more data per day. Rs. 299 plan has a validity of 28 days, offering 4 GB data per day. Also, the plan offers unlimited calling facilities for any number. You can recharge this plan or Vodafone postpaid recharge through Airtel Payments Bank along with some cashback.

If you want longer validity, you can opt for the Rs. 449 plan. This plan offers 4GB data per day as well with a validity of 56 days and unlimited calling facilities. If you want a validity for 84 days, you need to recharge with Rs. 699. You would still have unlimited calling facilities. You can use the Rs. 599 plan to enjoy 3GB of 4G data per day for 84 days. The plan offers unlimited calling facilities to every number. 100 SMS can be sent every day.

Like Jio, Vodafone is also offering a Rs. 251 add-on plan. It has very similar features to the one being offered by Jio, but it will come with a validity of 28 days.

These are some of the packs that are offered by telecom operators in light of the pandemic situations. These mobile data plans are allowing customers to continue working from home.

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